There are many reasons as to why learning a new language, it may be to improve the appearance of your CV or to be able to relate with other people from different places in the world. Learning a new language is more than just for CV, it opens a whole new world that you never even existed. Here are some of the top reasons why you should learn a language in 2014.

To Make Travelling More Enjoyable

It is possible to travel to a foreign country without necessarily speaking the native language of your destination, but your experience will be shaped by your ability or inability to see beyond the surface of the culture. Language barrier in a foreign destination can be quite frustrating, imagine being in a situation where you are lost and cannot even read the signs or understand anything the locals are saying, it could make your experience very unpleasant. In most countries people appreciate your attempts to use their language even if it is just the basics. Learning a foreign language in 2014 (like learning Polish) could improve your travel experiences by helping you to negotiate prices, interact with locals and do things like ordering meals in restaurants.

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To Develop a Global Understanding

Learning a foreign language gives the learner an opportunity to immerse into another culture, its traditions, literature and even history. It is therefore a great way to develop positive attitudes and less prejudice towards people who are culturally different (for example if you learn hindi online). In a world where we all depend on each other for products, services, solving of issues and even ensuring international security, understanding other cultures is paramount.  Being able to speak and understand a different language can be helpful in creating trust, solving political issues and even enhancing national security as a result of intercultural understanding.

To Increase Creativity

Creativity is remarkably enhanced by the study of a new language, this is because most of the worlds literally work, films and music are created in other languages other than English. There may be translations but they can never fully true to the intent, beauty, style and uniqueness of the originals. Translations merely depend on the translator and some parts or of the intended meaning may be drowned through translations. Special pleasure could be found in greater access to foreign books, films and the arts and even though your understanding may only be basics it is more enjoyable in its original form.

To Have an Understanding of Your Own Culture

Immersing in another culture as you study a foreign language in 2014 will give you a profound understanding of your own culture. There are things that you may be used to that you may even consider universal but once you interact with a different culture, you have an opportunity to step out of your familiar scope and see your own culture through the eyes of others.

To Create Lifelong Friends

If you learn a new language in 2014, you are definitely going to increases the number of people you communicate with globally. As you travel and interact with people from different parts of the world in an attempt to speak their language, it means that you will make new friends and establishing new connections with people across the globe.

10 Ways to Speak Another Language

Learning a new language is essential in our new more economically globalized world. In fact you will find that job advertisements nowadays include a common phrase “the knowledge of a foreign language is an added advantage”. Though it is not easy, with a careful approach and determination, you can make it.


There are several reasons why people speak other languages, make sure that your reason is strong enough to motivate you to keep learning and speaking the targeted language even when the going gets tough.


While group classes may be fun, it is unfortunate that the pace of the lessons is normally slower and you cannot get the personal assistance that you may require. A personal tutor will be able to help you with the segments that you find difficult. You will also be able to interact at a personal level in another language. It may be expensive but it is also quick and efficient.


Watch local TV programs and movies aired in the targeted language, it is fun and will help you learn a language easily. Alternatively you can listen to music and browse newspapers and magazines which will help you with comprehension, repetition of phrases and pronunciation is the key here to help you speak in a new language.


Some words appear exactly the same across different languages, they are called cognates.  Knowing them and their usage gives you several hundred more words to your vocabulary.  For example most words ending in ‘ion’ in Latin languages are the same in English For example: information / información, donation / donación. This is less easy to do if you are trying to learn Turkish where there are less similarities.


Once you have mastered several words in a new language, make sure to use the words and phrases whenever possible. There is no need to sit and listen to a language over and over again without ever having an opportunity to practice. You can go to a restaurant and order a meal in the targeted language, meet friends or travel.


After engaging in a conversation, always jot down in your note book what you have learnt and the mistakes that have been corrected. It will help you memorize as well as avoid making the same mistakes over and over again.


Can you picture how babies learn? They imitate, repeat sounds and they are never shy to speak. If you are in a foreign country or trying to learn to speak Russian online or another strange language, just observe the locals and learn how they do things, and then imitate and do not be afraid. You will inevitably make many mistakes initially but you will learn from them.


It is impossible to learn a language in a place that you hardly hear it being spoken. If you travel to a foreign country where you can frequently hear and express yourself in your targeted language, then it will be faster to learn.


There are moments in your learning to speak a language that you may feel exhausted and frustrated. However the key is to keep pressing on until you achieve your goal, the reason you wanted to learn the language in the first place.


Whenever you think about the time and effort you have put in order to learn a new language, you will be motivated and it is okay to feel proud but not become complacent.