3 Wonderful Ways to Travel

I’ve been on a lot of adventures in my time and seen a lot of the world. People think of travel in many different ways, and it can mean something totally different from one person to another depending on their experiences. Some people only take short holidays so that is what travel means to them. Others live a nomadic life on the road so travel is a whole new ball game.

Below are 3 ways of travelling that I have loved through my time exploring the world:

Family Holidays

The start of it all for me. The first time I went abroad was on a family holiday and I loved every second of it. We didn’t go far, but for a young girl being anywhere other than home was like going to the moon. Even when I was really young I think that’s when the travel bug really hit me.

volunteering travel


As I got older, I started to look for different ways to enhance my travel experiences. I searched out volunteering projects around the world and that is what guided the destinations I visited. From helping on locust protection projects in Mauritania to teaching English in China, these experiences really enhanced my enjoyment and allowed me to integrate much more with the local culture.


Still my favourite style of travel, I love to get on the road with just the bag on my back and have no itineraries. Pick a starting point and then go and explore it. If it’s good then hang around for a while, if not hunt down the next destination by asking people or researching myself. This has led me on some amazing paths around the world and to some incredible adventures.


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